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Super8 scanner services for the UK and Ireland. Full HD digital restoration of home movie film reels onto DVD and Blu-ray.

How to do your own DIY transfer to DVD 

Many customers have done their own transfers using just a projector and camcorder. You can do this too and save yourself the cost of having it done professionally. However be warned that this method does have many flaws and the quality is drastically lower than having it done professionally. 
How to set up a projector and camcorder to perform your own DIY transfer. For a DIY transfer you need a working cine projector to show your films. Just project your films in the normal way onto a white wall or screen. 

Then just use your camcorder to film the projected images directly off the screen.

You can either capture the films to your cameras memory or use your cameras leads to send the pictures to a DVD recorder and capture them onto DVD. A simple and inexpensive way to do it yourself but do be careful not to damage your films in the projector as the lamps can get very very hot.

While this will save you money, the quality will be significantly lower using this method. We obviously recommend you use our high quality digital scanning services as our results are outstanding in comparison. See our examples section to compare the two.

 If the thought of doing your own transfer does not appeal to you then we highly recommend you use our services instead. We genuinely have the best equipment available, many competitors only do film transfers as a side line, that often why they charge a "set up fee" We don't have to set up, we do film transfers every day in our digital studios with custom built equipment that can scan directly from your film with low heat LED backlighting and direct scanning in full colour HD. You always get extra copies free, and a DVD-ROM of your films you can load onto your phone, ipad, youtube or even use it to re-edit your films on any PC or Mac. Its also a great back up copy to keep safe for future generations of your family.

Calll us free in the UK for advice and a quote. We convert any film type in a digital frame by frame process.



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